As a Manager Digital Experience Analytics in the ecommerce area you will be focused in the generation of data analytics and insights to orient the buying and planning of the different categories of products and markets across Latinamerica. You are responsible – in close cooperation with Global Digital Analytics – for the development of the digital experience analytics function within the market using global frameworks for data governance, integration, reporting and optimization. Within your practice, you oversee the development and delivery of cutting-edge analytics services to market stakeholders, enabling them to make fact-based decisions. Based on defined datasources, managing the generation of experience diagnostics and insights that helps to achieve market sales plans. You are contributing to a factual basis for future consumer experience optimization and site development. It is expected for this person to work closely and understand general concepts such as product rotation, conversion rate, inventories, elasticity, price, segmentation, planning, among others.

Key Responsibilities:


· Suggest improvement and when prioritized, work closely with Global Digital Analytics in areas such as site optimization, analytics implementation, database integration, tag management, qualitative data, etc

· Ensure alignement with Global Digital analytics on needs, and agree roles & responsibilities for project execution once prioritization is agreed

· Execute the assigned prioritized digital analytics

· Ensure  deliver on time in full and ensure analytics results drive consumer experience and business impact in order to help achieve future sales plans.


· Provide market stakeholders with information on digital analytics to define goals, measure appropriate KPIs, monitor performance and derive trends and opportunities

· Oversee that gathered insights are translated into engaging, actionable and easy to digest insights presentation

· Maintain a strong stakeholder network with high level of trust that facilitates action-ability of insights

· Establish a fact-based culture in the organization by defining data driven decision processes


· Work with Global Digital Analytics to improve project infrastructures

· Work with Global Digital Analytics to distill best practices for other markets and other adidas stakeholders, maximizing the use of analytics capabilities


· Build a strong internal and external network including key industry players, feeding latest trends and technological advances into the Global adidas Digital Analytics community.


Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

· Experience in data analysis with strong skills in Microsoft Excel (advanced)
· Knowledge in SQL is desired.
· Knowledge in R and/or Python is desired.
· Knowledge in SAP, Tableau, Adobe Analytics or other tools is preferred.
· Experience implementing projects or processes.
· Ability to influence in others.
· Data oriented person which enjoy working with numbers, capable of taking big amount of information andtranslating it into valuable insights.
· Good understanding of English language and capable to communicate fluently.
· Merchandising understanding and pricing analysis is a must.
· Experience managing product / merchandising operations is a must.
· Experience with buying and planning is desired
· Experience managing categories or specific brands is desired


Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:

· Degree in business administration / marketing / systems engineering or related.
· Experience in e-Commerce or digital business is a plus.
· Commercial experience is a plus.
· 4 Years experience.